10-30 minutes

10-30 minutes

Looking for some mindful movement that fits within your schedule? Try these 10-30 minute classes.

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10-30 minutes
  • Core Crunch with Lexie

    Twenty minutes of non-stop core on the floor. Join me as we sculpt and strengthen your core muscles, leaving you feeling energised, balanced, and ready to conquer your day.

  • Strong Core and Glutes with Sara

    Get ready to build the heat in your glutes and core. Working through longer time intervals, with focused exercises to strengthen, tone and build your glutes, whilst also focusing on firing up your core.

  • Reformer Inspired Upper Body with Lexie

    No reformer? No problems! You can still work the same muscles on the mat. Take on this reformer-inspired workout, channelling arms in straps using a set of dumbbells.

  • Squishy Ball Pilates with Elena

    Work long and strong through your whole body, adding in the squishy ball to get into those little muscles you never knew existed! Focus on balance, control and work strong through your arms, glutes and core.

  • Pilates Ring Workout with Lou

    Squeeze, pulse and feel the burn; using your Pilates ring to stretch, lengthen and strengthen throughout the body.

  • Weighted Ball Pilates with Lou

    Looks can be deceiving. This little weighted ball will bring the heat, challenging your body from head to toe.

  • Core Burn with Lauren

    Craving some core activation? This is the class for you. Using one dumbbell, we'll build the fire throughout the core and waist.

  • Complete Core with Belle

    Work your full core with exercises sequenced to get your abs firing! Grab your squishy ball and get ready to challenge your strength and stability.

  • Core and Glute Strength with Nicole

    Keen to target that lower body and core? You'll love this strength workout focused on strengthening your core and your glutes.

  • Strength and Form with Brie

    New to strength workouts? Swap your stress for strength with this slow burn. A great place to start your strength journey!

  • Lower Body Strength with Lexie

    A 30-minute lower body strength session using dumbbells in a repeated circuit class. We'll target and tone your legs and glutes, leaving you feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to take on any challenge.

  • Core Tone with Becky

    Short on time? This ones for you! This class is going to be focusing entirely on your core. The class has been structured to give you a deep burn whilst also learning how to engage and work your core muscles correctly.

  • Express Core Pilates with Lou

    Feel that core burn! Using a weighted ball, we'll tone and sculpt through the entire core, with this strong workout that only takes 20 minutes.

  • Express Glutes and Core Pilates with Lou

    Your glutes and core will be on fire with this express Pilates workout. We'll use a squishy ball for that extra stabilising challenge, to really get those muscle shaking.

  • Upper and Lower Body Pilates with Lou

    Using dumbbells, we'll work through challenging Pilates-inspired upper body and lower body strength exercises to leave you feeling toned from head to toe.

  • Upper Body and Core Strength with Camilo

    It’s all about your upper body and core in this strength-focused class, as you work your muscles to the point of that feel good burn that we know and love. Some medium or heavy dumbbells is all you need!

  • Lower Body Burn with Camilo

    Take on this quick lower body burn. Squats, lunges, calf raises and pulses make for a sizzling workout.

  • Evening Slow Flow with Sam

    Time to slow down and reground at the end of your day. A juicy slow flow that everyone can practice - equal parts sizzle and chill.

  • Grounding Breathwork with Sam

    Lets pause and take some time to rest. A meditation to settle your breath and foster a deeper connection with your body.

  • Core Strength with Lou

    Shake up your traditional core workout with this fiery abdominal focused class. We're using light dumbbells, working 45 second reps for each exercise. Feel the strength through the deep core muscles.

  • Power Strength Standing Legs with Lexie

    In this speedy standing lower body burner, you'll find squats, lunges and deadlifts and use medium dumbbells for strong legs and glutes.

  • Sweat in 10: Inner Thighs and Glutes with Lou

    Embrace the burn with this Pilates workout focused on challenging your inner thighs and glutes. Work with Bala Bangles to add extra spice.

  • Sweat in 10: Triceps and Chest with Lou

    Test your triceps and challenge your chest with this upper body focused strength workout. Working with light-medium dumbbells and bodyweight.

  • Sit and Stretch with Avelyn

    Stiff spine? Niggly neck? This is a stretching series you can do without leaving your desk.