30-45 minutes

30-45 minutes

30-45 minutes
  • Warm Slow Flow with Luisa and Fiona

    Whether you’re new to yoga and need a friendly-yet-challenging place to practice, or you’re a lifelong yogi who feels like moving a little more mindfully – this class is for you. Warm Slow Flow Yoga allows you to move slowly and intentionally through intelligent sequences, working towards a peak ...

  • Get to Know Yoga Poses with Luisa & Fiona

    If you're new to yoga or just want some tips and tricks to get the most out of your practice, this is for you. A short workshop-style class, this is a guide to some common yoga shapes and how to make them feel safe and supportive in your body.

  • Beginner Friendly Pilates with Lexie

    Back to basics! Think old-school Pilates, working the whole body with slow, controlled movements and optional add-ons. The perfect place to begin if you're new to Pilates or if you want to bring it back to basics.

  • Full Body Pilates and Cardio with Lexie

    Experience the combination of strength and cardio in a 40-minute class to enhance your fitness. Through dynamic Pilates movements combined with heart-pounding cardio intervals, you'll build endurance and strength.

  • Strong Full Body with Sara

    A strong full body session, with a focus on firing up all muscles from top to toe. Expect to lengthen and strengthen the full body using just dumbbells.

  • Hot Mat Pilates with Carnie

    Grab your resistance band and some light dumbbells for a signature Hot Mat Pilates class. A 45 minute workout, combining traditional Pilates principles with low impact cardio.

  • Weighted Pilates with Elena

    This full body workout will tone, lengthen and strengthen. Listen to your body by dialling this class up or down, as we add layers onto each exercise and work towards gradually increasing the intensity and heart rate.

  • Lower Body Pilates with Alli

    All the things we love. A juicy 30 minute lower body power burn, where all you need is yourself, a mat and a resistance band.

  • TheraBand Pilates with Carnie

    In this full body workout, you'll use a TheraBand to strengthen and tone your muscles, with a strong focus on the upper body and core.

  • Full Body Mat Pilates with Alli

    Lengthen and tone your body from head to toe with this controlled, dynamic flow. Focusing on your upper, lower, core and stability with a fiery finish leaving you feeling energised. All you need is a light set of dumbbells, a mat and your self.

  • Hot Yoga Flow with Luisa & Fiona

    Postures in this Vinyasa based practice are linked to a consistent and mindful breath, moving you towards a strong and satisfying series of intermediate peak poses. While challenging your functional strength and improving your flexibility, every class will also give you the opportunity to ‘free f...

  • Full Body Mat Pilates with Lauren

    With just a single dumbbell, we'll work through one side of the body at a time, with peaks of cardio to get the heart pumping leaving you feeling energised and ready to take on your day!

  • Full Body Pilates with Belle

    This is a full body burn using light dumbbells, strengthening and lengthening from head to toe. This class seamlessly flows between core, lower body and upper body, finishing off strong with cardio to elevate the heart rate. Let's go!

  • Full Body Tone with Becky

    This Pilates-inspired class focuses on a seamless mixture of toning and shaping exercises. This class is low impact, targeting your stabilising muscles. Get ready to create that whole body burn, while also having a whole lot of fun together. Grab some dumbbells for this class.

  • Advanced Yoga Flow with Sam

    Let that eagle fly! A Mandala flow that will open your shoulders, heart space and test your balance and lower body strength.

  • Full Body Pilates Ladder with Belle

    Strengthen and lengthen from head to toe. Get sweaty, feel a burn and most importantly have fun with a full body pilates class!

  • Yoga for Runners with Lou

    Stretch and strengthen through your legs, open through your hips and build fire in your core to compliment your running program.

  • Feel Good Full Body Pilates with Rach

    A strong, fun, all-in-one curated Pilates flow designed to lengthen and strengthen your entire body whilst focusing on how your body feels, leaving you feeling gooood!

  • Total Body Tone with Alli

    Lengthen and tone your body from head to toe with this controlled dynamic flow. Focusing on your upper body, lower body and your core, this fiery class will leave you feeling energised.

  • Hot Strength with Tayla

    If you want to build functional strength, this is the class for you! Compared to Hot Mat Pilates, this class is slower paced, but don’t let that fool you — you’ll be challenged with intention in this intelligent muscle sculpting workout. Utilising dumbbells and resistance bands to maximise muscle...

  • Reformer Inspired Beginner's Pilates Athletic with Emily

    This mat Pilates class has been inspired by our signature reformer class- Athletic Reformer. Designed specifically for those who might be newer to this style of class, or those returning back to exercise after a break. Working through a strong arm, leg and core sequence, this class will leave you...

  • Intermediate Pilates Matwork with Maddi

    Working through a series of low impact intermediate level Pilates postures, you’ll lengthen, strengthen and activate from the centre out.

  • Beginners Yoga Flow with Ange

    Confidently begin your yoga journey here, with this short all levels vinyasa flow. In this class Ange will break down the elements of vinyasa, clearly talking you through some of the most frequent postures to build more strength and flexibility.

  • Reformer Inspired Pilates Strength with Emily

    This total body workout is strong and quick- you'll strengthen multiple muscle groups with the help of sliders and dumbbells. The sliders create extra challenge, you'll require more balance and more focus, while the dumbbells will help you sculpt and shape your body.