Lower Body Pilates

Lower Body Pilates

These muscle sculpting Mat Pilates classes have been intelligently sequenced to challenge you with intention. Targeting the abdominals, hips, thighs, glutes, lower, middle and upper back, we’ll focus on extension, flexion, and strengthening the lower body muscles. These classes will leave you feeling toned and super strong.

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Lower Body Pilates
  • Strong Core and Glutes with Sara

    Get ready to build the heat in your glutes and core. Working through longer time intervals, with focused exercises to strengthen, tone and build your glutes, whilst also focusing on firing up your core.

  • Lower Body Pilates with Alli

    All the things we love. A juicy 30 minute lower body power burn, where all you need is yourself, a mat and a resistance band.

  • Express Glutes and Core Pilates with Lou

    Your glutes and core will be on fire with this express Pilates workout. We'll use a squishy ball for that extra stabilising challenge, to really get those muscle shaking.

  • Upper and Lower Body Pilates with Lou

    Using dumbbells, we'll work through challenging Pilates-inspired upper body and lower body strength exercises to leave you feeling toned from head to toe.

  • Lower Body Burn with Camilo

    Take on this quick lower body burn. Squats, lunges, calf raises and pulses make for a sizzling workout.

  • Upper and Lower Burn by Rach

    This 30 minute, no equipment mat Pilates class will strengthen, lengthen and tone your upper and lower body.

  • Lower Body Tone with Becky

    This class has been designed with your glutes in mind. We will build strength throughout your glutes and lower body. Get ready to get low and pulse, pulse, pulse.

  • Lower Body Burn with Lauren

    Left side, right side. Two legs = double the work. In this class we'll work in 50 second exercises to ensure the burn through even the tiniest of muscle groups.

  • Lower Body Tone with Alli

    All the things you love about working your glutes. A juicy 30 minute lower body power burn, where all you need is yourself, a mat and a booty band.

  • Reformer Inspired Lower Body with Lexie

    Lunges, lunges and more lunges! A 10 minute lower body mat Pilates series that challenges the same muscles that you work on the reformer.

  • Lower Body Burn with Elena

    Dial up the heat with this advanced lower body burner. Feeling like some extra spice today? This is the class if for you! We will work with a resistance band and squishy ball, layering each exercise with options to advance and modify along the way, targeting your muscles to tone, lengthen and str...

  • Feel Good Lower Body Pilates with Rach

    Using ankle weights for a little extra oomph, this 20 minute floor series will have you feeling the burn, while stretching and releasing your lower body.

  • Lower Body Pilates Ladder with Belle

    Want a lower body burn and love some 'pulses'? Well this one is for you. A 30 minute pilates ladder with focus on glutes, quads and calves.

  • Sweat in 10: Inner Thighs and Glutes with Lou

    Embrace the burn with this Pilates workout focused on challenging your inner thighs and glutes. Work with Bala Bangles to add extra spice.

  • Dynamic Inner Thighs and Glutes with Elena

    Raise your heart rate and feel the burn with this strong, fun class, targeting your inner thighs and glutes. We'll use a squishy ball and a resistance band, layering each exercise with options to advance and modify along the way, targeting your muscles to tone, lengthen and strengthen.

  • Glutes and Core Pilates Matwork with Jill

    Build that heat and target your glutes and core with this fiery Pilates matwork class. You won't need any props for this 30 minute burner.

  • Lower Body: Focus on Form with Susie

    Refine your Pilates practice and focus on your form as you work through lower body exercises to challenge and strengthen your glutes and legs.

  • Slow Low Burn with Camilo

    Let’s slow things down! Welcome a gradual burn through your lower body, using the resistance band to add extra spice along the way.

  • Power Strength Standing Legs with Lexie

    In this speedy standing lower body burner, you'll find squats, lunges and deadlifts and use medium dumbbells for strong legs and glutes.

  • Strong Lower Body Burn with Lexie

    All you need is a resistance band! Strong lower body work starting on the floor and working your way up to standing to get those glutes burning.

  • Lower Body & Core with Cheyenne

    Embrace the shakes with this 30 minute lower body and core focused flow, without using any props. You can find the playlist for this class on Spotify here, or add your own tunes: https://spoti.fi/3Lsgtem

    We'd love to hear what you think - would you prefer curated Spotify playlists, or music with...

  • Barre Class With Carnie

    A barre inspired workout targeting the quads and glutes. This form focused class offers a seamless flow from start to finish and will get you shaking in no time.

  • Strong Legs with Amy

    This workout is exactly what you need if you're wanting to get stronger through the legs. Think squats, lunges, pulses all while using some heavier weights.

  • Strong Glutes with Maddi

    Working through longer time intervals, challenge the lower body with focused exersices to strengthen, burn and tone the glutes, quads and hamstrings, whilst also working through different plank variations to keep the core firing throughout.