Upper Body Pilates

Upper Body Pilates

Targeting the shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, back and core, these classes will build upper body strength efficiently and effectively. Focusing on static holds, pulses, and repetition, you’ll reap the rewards of lengthening, strengthening and toning.

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Upper Body Pilates
  • Barre Upper Body and Core with Carnie

    Sweat, burn and move to the beat as you got your heart rate up and blood pumping.

  • Upper Body Tone by Alli

    Challenge yourself with this 20 minute upper body burst using Bala bangles and dumbbells. You'll target your muscles in ways that might feel familiar, but look a little different!

  • Feel Good Upper and Core Pilates with Rach

    This 30-minute Feel Good Pilates class is all about connecting back in with you, finding the balance between strengthening and stretching your upper body + core.

  • Arms & Abs Pilates with Erin

    Strengthen your upper body and core, focusing on traditional strength and Pilates exercises.

  • 5X5 Class with Cheyenne

    Using dumbbells, you'll challenge your biceps, shoulders, triceps, back and chest with this super setting arm series.

  • Strong Upper with Cheyenne

    Sculpt, tone and strengthen your upper body through this pilates flow, that will leave your core shaking and arms burning. You'll need some dumbbells for this workout.

  • Dynamic Upper Body and Core with Elena

    Raise your heart rate and feel the burn with this strong, fun class, targeting your upper body and core. We'll use dumbbells, layering each exercise, with options to advance and modify along the way, targeting your muscles to tone, lengthen and strengthen.

  • Upper Body and Core Pilates Matwork with Jill

    A short but challenging tricep and core focused flow, without leaving your mat! No props are needed for this toning mat class.

  • Upper Body: Focus on Form with Susie

    Refine your Pilates practice and focus on your form as you work through upper body exercises to challenge and strengthen through your arms, chest and back.

  • Power Strength Upper Focus with Lexie

    Working with one minute intervals, this standing upper body workout uses dumbbells to strengthen your back and shoulders, finishing off with a challenge through the biceps and triceps.

  • Upper Body & Core with Cheyenne

    Take on 20 minutes of layered exercises curated to lengthen and strengthen the triceps and obliques, without using any props. You can find the playlist for this class on Spotify here, or add your own tunes: https://spoti.fi/41WWPfN.

    We'd love to hear what you think - would you prefer curated Sp...

  • Strong Upper Body with Amy

    A quick, but intense workout to tone and strengthen your arms. Light and heavy weights needed! Enjoy a touch of cardio arms to help get that heart rate up.

  • Cardio Arms with Maddi

    Work from the mat to standing, progressively climbing in intensity through this upper body workout using Bala Bangles. Focusing on a high rep count for each exercise whilst holding time under tension, this class will challenge your upper body endurance as well as elevate your heart rate with high...

  • Strengthening Pilates Ladder Flow with Kayla

    Beginning with a series of planks this class progressively builds to sculpting ladder flow elements. Every single exercise in this class will target and tone your glutes and legs, core and upper body. Props: None needed- if you'd like an extra challenge you're welcome to try this with a light to ...

  • DAY 9 - Upper Body Dynamic Pilates with Maddi and Cheyenne

    Grab a light set of dumbbells as we target shoulders, triceps and core in this sequence that comes together at the end with a strong cardio peak.

  • Pilates Strong Upper Half Focus with Cheyenne

    If you’d like to advance your physical Pilates practice, this challenging strength based class is for you! Develop your strength through functional and creative movements designed to specifically target your upper half.

  • DAY 15 - Box and Burn Upper Focus with Roxy

    Box and Burn is a heart thumping mix of plyometric cardio, boxing and strength training. These powerful workouts will build overall power, strength and stamina so you can meet your next training session stronger than the last.

  • Upper Body Tone with Amy

    If you want to really feel the tone this class is for you. The optimal mix of upper body exercises to strengthen and tone. Throughout the whole upper body. Be prepared to see the class fly by. Stack it as a double if you want to feel that upper body tone a tad more.

  • Upper Focus Strength and Power with Roxy

    This class is designed to build strength efficiently and effectively through the upper body. While you'll work hard, this class is accessible if you’re new to strength training. A strong focus on form and technique, feel free to take it at your own pace - you can modify or advancing any move to s...

  • Hot Mat Pilates Upper Body with Jayne

    Our most popular class remixed to focus on engaging every muscle from the waist up. This is a mat-based Pilates class that starts low and slow, progressively building into a satisfyingly sweaty standing series. The unique combination of traditional Pilates postures and low-impact cardio technique...

  • DAY 4 - Upper Body and Abs with Lexie

    If you'd like to build functional strength, this is the class for you! A bit of a slower pace but don’t let that fool you. You’ll be challenged with intention in this intelligent muscle sculpting workout. Utilising dumbbells to maximise muscle engagement targeting the upper body and abdominals.

  • Pilates Matwork: Triceps, Glutes and Obliques with Maddi

    Utilising the bala ankle weights and a resistance band, this mat Pilates class zones in on the triceps, glutes and obliques. Moving through side lying, side kneeling and 4 pt kneeling this class will challenge you from all angles!

  • Strength Focus: Shoulders and Biceps with Romy

    Challenge your strength and endurance, improve your mobility, and learn proper form and strength training techniques.

    Using Romy's unique approach to training, these body part specific workouts are designed to build strength efficiently and effectively. While these classes are challenging, they’...

  • Sculpt: Biceps and Quads with Hannah

    Scale up or down to suit your energy levels in this sculpting workout designed to energise you (not exhaust you!) This short and sweet functional strength training class has a little bit of Pilates mixed in.