These Pilates focused workouts are suitable whether you’re pregnant, or recovering from pregnancy and birth. Taught by pregnancy qualified instructors, we’ve specifically curated a big variety of classes allowing you to practice throughout your entire pregnancy, as well as after. During these classes we focus on Pilates movements that feel good.

*Please be sure to seek advice from your medical professional prior to participating in any pre or postnatal exercise.

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  • Pre-Natal Reformer Pilates Adjustments with Nicole

    Learn how to modify your reformer class so that you're moving in a way that's safe and feels good for your changing body throughout your pregnancy.

  • Pre/Post-Natal Upper Body Pilates with Cheyenne

    Strengthen and lengthen the upper body with this layered Pilates flow, designed to tone and sculpt the back, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

  • Pre/Post-Natal Stretch and Align with Cheyenne

    Mobilise, release and engage your entire body with this curated Pilates flow that'll leave you feeling energised and ready to tackle whatever the day brings.

  • Upper and Lower Build with Erin

    Strong upper and lower body circuit focusing on rebuilding a solid strength base for mummas to meet the demands of motherhood. All you'll need is a set of dumbbells and your bub!

  • Pilates Burn with Erin

    Mumma-friendly Pilates sequence with a focus on strength, flexibility and bringing attention to the core and pelvic floor muscles. Add a resistance band for a bonus burn.

  • Core Strength with Erin

    Work through this strong core sequence aiming to regaining strength in the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles post birth.

  • Pregnancy Posture and Stability with Chelsea

    Feel the burn in all the right places in this gentle mat pilates workout designed to support your body through the changes of pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Mobility and Strength with Chelsea

    Reconnect with your body in this gentle pregnancy pilates class designed to get you moving again after some time away from the mat (hello, first trimester fatigue).

  • Pregnancy Lengthen and Strengthen with Chelsea

    It's just you and your mat in this prenatal/postnatal friendly class. Start with some juicy stretches to lengthen and then feel the burn with some classic pilates strength moves.

  • Pregnancy Cardio with Kirsty

    Low impact cardio and Pilates fusion class, designed to gently elevate your heart rate to a safe level, with plenty of rest and recovery periods.

  • Sculpting Pilates for Pregnancy with Kirsty

    When you want to move, but can't be bothered moving - this is the pefect class for you. A floor based, mat pilates workout to gently move the entire body, while not leaving the comfort of your mat.

  • Pregnancy Pilates with Kirsty

    Functional pilates moves to maximise strength in those muscle groups that need it most during pregnancy. A great full body workout for all stages of pregnancy, and fantastic for those breast-feeding or nursing a baby.

  • Top 10 Pregnancy Friendly Pilates Exercises with Carnie

    We'll take you through 10 of our all time favourite pregnancy exercises, while focusing on form and technique. Consider these your pregnancy besties, and know that they're safe to carry you through your entire pregnancy journey.

  • Pregnancy Alignment with Carnie

    If you want to focus on your posture and alignment, you're in the right place! During every exercise, we will cue some posture tips so that when we're done, not only will you have had a ripper workout, but you'll feel more balanced and aligned.

  • Pregnancy Tone and Sculpt with Carnie

    While protecting those gorgeous pregnant bellies, we'll focus on toning and sculpting everything else! We'll brace through the core and pelvis in a safe way, while focusing on strengthening the other areas of our body. When it's over, you'll have that oh-so-good feeling that only comes from movin...

  • Express Pregnancy Pilates with Carnie

    If you're feeling a bit 'blah' (IYKYK), this pregnancy friendly Pilates class will get those endorphins pumping. With just a touch of cardio, it's a great class to keep you moving in a way that is not only good for you, but feels good too.

  • Pregnancy Pilates Mat Work with Chelsea

    This pregnancy Pilates routine is safe to do in every trimester and not only builds strength, balance and stamina, but also keeps it fun with some pregnancy Pilates postures that are perfectly modified just for you!

  • Pregnancy Lower Body Mat Work with Chelsea

    While we have an extra focus on the lower body, this class will leave you feeling like you've safely moved your body from head to toe! During this workout, we'll focus on toning the lower body, keeping correct form, and staying aware of the abdominals.

  • Pregnancy Lower Body and Cardio with Chelsea

    Cardio, but make it pregnancy safe! Move through these low-impact exercises that will give you the cardio buzz you're after, and maybe even leave you a little bit sweaty! This one will leave you feeling strong and satisfied.

  • Gentle Pregnancy Pilates with Chelsea

    Move your body in a kind and gentle way with a series of movements that will focus on aligning your hips, while strengthening your body in a pregnancy friendly way.

  • Gentle Prenatal Mat Pilates with Andrea

    Move through a series of modified postures paired with softening stretches to release tension. This gentle prenatal practice will build strength and confidence as you prepare for labor.

  • Pregnancy Mat Pilates with Carnie

    This is a conditioning, full body mat Pilates workout focused on strengthening and stabilising. Reduced abdominal exercises focus on successfully activating and recruiting the core, while helping to restore muscle strength. All exercises are non-impact and will help you to improve your posture an...

  • Gentle Postnatal Mat Pilates with Andrea

    Gently ease you back into your practice in this postnatal Pilates class. This postnatal workout is perfect for women who have been cleared by their doctor to resume exercise, and who want to safely rebuild core strength, pelvic floor strength, and overall muscle tone and stability.

  • Prenatal Hot Mat Pilates with Carnie

    This is a conditioning, full body mat Pilates workout. All exercises are non-impact and will help you to improve your posture and well-being. Suitable for all 3 trimesters, this prenatal practice will build strength and confidence as you prepare for labor.