Core Pilates

Core Pilates

You’ll be challenged with intention in these intelligently sequenced Mat Pilates classes. Targeting your front and side body, your deep core muscles, and those hard-to-reach lower abs, these classes will improve your overall fitness performance, and are fundamental in your Pilates journey.

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Core Pilates
  • Core Crunch with Lexie

    Twenty minutes of non-stop core on the floor. Join me as we sculpt and strengthen your core muscles, leaving you feeling energised, balanced, and ready to conquer your day.

  • Strong Core and Glutes with Sara

    Get ready to build the heat in your glutes and core. Working through longer time intervals, with focused exercises to strengthen, tone and build your glutes, whilst also focusing on firing up your core.

  • Core Burn with Lauren

    Craving some core activation? This is the class for you. Using one dumbbell, we'll build the fire throughout the core and waist.

  • Complete Core with Belle

    Work your full core with exercises sequenced to get your abs firing! Grab your squishy ball and get ready to challenge your strength and stability.

  • Express Core Pilates with Lou

    Feel that core burn! Using a weighted ball, we'll tone and sculpt through the entire core, with this strong workout that only takes 20 minutes.

  • Express Glutes and Core Pilates with Lou

    Your glutes and core will be on fire with this express Pilates workout. We'll use a squishy ball for that extra stabilising challenge, to really get those muscle shaking.

  • Core Tone with Becky

    Short on time? This ones for you! This class is going to be focusing entirely on your core. The class has been structured to give you a deep burn whilst also learning how to engage and work your core muscles correctly.

  • Core and Glute Burn with Rach

    Prepare to fire up all angles of your core and glutes with this low impact but extra spicy Pilates burn. No equipment needed.

  • Pilates for Travel with Carnie

    This sharp, short workout will leave you feeling good during your travels. No need for a mat or equipment - you can do this class on the beach, in a park or at your holiday accomodation. We'll focus in on the core and glutes.

  • Feel Good Upper and Core Pilates with Rach

    This 30-minute Feel Good Pilates class is all about connecting back in with you, finding the balance between strengthening and stretching your upper body + core.

  • Arms & Abs Pilates with Erin

    Strengthen your upper body and core, focusing on traditional strength and Pilates exercises.

  • Total Core with Brie

    Using a squishy ball and dumbbells, this is a 'total' core workout focused on balancing and strengthening.

  • Core Pilates Ladder with Belle

    Let's fire up our core together! A quick 20 minute core starter, with focus on control, stability and posture.

  • Dynamic Upper Body and Core with Elena

    Raise your heart rate and feel the burn with this strong, fun class, targeting your upper body and core. We'll use dumbbells, layering each exercise, with options to advance and modify along the way, targeting your muscles to tone, lengthen and strengthen.

  • Pilates Core with Maddi

    Feel the heat build in your abdominals in this targeted core class. Enjoy getting your body moving in all planes of motion while challenging the full abdominals using longer time intervals and repetition. You can find the playlist for this class on Spotify here, or add your own tunes! https://spo...

  • Resistance Band Core and Upper Body with Carnie

    Using a resistance band to strengthen and tone the upper body and core muscles effectively without using weights.

  • Power Strength Core Focus with Lexie

    Grab one dumbbell for this quick core burner with an oblique twist.

  • Core Burn with Elena

    Dial up the heat with this advanced core burner. Feeling like some extra spice today? This is the class if for you! We will work with a resistance band, layering each exercise with options to advance and modify along the way, targeting your muscles to tone, lengthen and strengthen.

  • Foundational Core with Maddi

    Grow your understanding of the fundamentals, with this targeted abdominals class. Using repetition to allow familiarity and confidence to build in each exercise shape, and options to progress when you feel ready to increase the challenge and turn up the heat!

  • Strong Core Pilates with Lexie

    No props needed for this 20 minute core-focused workout. Strengthen and tone your total core with a series of strong Pilates exercises.

  • Strong Core with Brie

    A tough and targeted burn through the core to focus on strengthening and burning out the abdominal and core muscles!

  • Total Core with Brie

    A 'total' core workout targeted on balancing and strengthening through all areas of the core.

  • Barre Inspired Pilates With Carnie

    A blend of Pilates core and lower body exercises with a focus on external rotation. Targeting front, side and back of body, and deep core muscles.

  • Thighs and Core with Maddi

    The unique tempo and structure of this class will challenge your muscular endurance like no other! 50second intervals are divided into contrasting halves, the first half slow and focused - the second with tempo and power. This pattern of movement will bring you to the edge of your ability - in th...