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  • Low Impact Pilates with Belle

    Low impact pilates is made for you on your recovery days. This class is still strong with focus on balance, control and flow. We will slow everything down and find some spicy static holds. After this 20-minute class you will leave feeling strengthened and lengthened.

  • Low Impact Pilates with Elena

    This is the perfect session to complete on your recovery days. We will focus on flowing and moving your body, leaving you feeling strong and restored. You don't need any props - just yourself and your mat!

  • Low Impact Pilates with Alli

    A controlled full body dynamic flow, where we work from head to toe, focusing on lengthening and strengthening with an added stability challenge.

  • Low Impact Pilates with Lou

    Looking for balance in your routine? Need a break from high impact, high energy workouts, but still want to move? Give this short, low impact Pilates sesh a go.

  • Barre Upper Body and Core with Carnie

    Sweat, burn and move to the beat as you got your heart rate up and blood pumping.

  • Desk Side Destroyer with Carnie

    You'll use the edge of your desk for this barre-inspired 20-minute burner.

  • Wake Up and FLOW! with Avelyn

    Start the day the best way and flow through an invigorating class designed to wake up the mind and body.

  • Right Side of the Bed with Camillo

    Roll out of bed and onto the mat to wake up on the right side of the bed. Juicy stretches and Pilates exercises to get your body moving and blood flowing.

  • Upper Body Burn with Lauren

    Searching for a strength-based class? Look no further than this upper body burner, targeting all of the juicy spots from the waist up!

  • Lower Body Burn with Lauren

    Left side, right side. Two legs = double the work. In this class we'll work in 50 second exercises to ensure the burn through even the tiniest of muscle groups.

  • Full Body Burn with Lauren

    Let's superset. In this class we work through strong 45 second exercises targeting the core, upper body and lower body.

  • Pre/Post-Natal Upper Body Pilates with Cheyenne

    Strengthen and lengthen the upper body with this layered Pilates flow, designed to tone and sculpt the back, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

  • Pre/Post-Natal Stretch and Align with Cheyenne

    Mobilise, release and engage your entire body with this curated Pilates flow that'll leave you feeling energised and ready to tackle whatever the day brings.

  • Inner Glute and Thigh Strength with Nicole

    Using our squishy ball, we'll target into the inner thighs and glutes with strong lower body focused movements.

  • Tricep and Shoulder Strength with Nicole

    A tricep and shoulder burner! 20 mins to challenge those arms. Get your dumbbells ready and lets work to tone and strengthen the upper body.

  • Full Body Strength with Nicole

    Working head to toe! A 20 minute full body strength workout that will challenge every muscle group! This one will get you sweaty as we work through lower, upper and core exercises

  • Upper Body Tone by Alli

    Challenge yourself with this 20 minute upper body burst using Bala bangles and dumbbells. You'll target your muscles in ways that might feel familiar, but look a little different!

  • Lower Body Tone with Alli

    All the things you love about working your glutes. A juicy 30 minute lower body power burn, where all you need is yourself, a mat and a booty band.

  • Total Body Tone with Alli

    Lengthen and tone your body from head to toe with this controlled dynamic flow. Focusing on your upper body, lower body and your core, this fiery class will leave you feeling energised.

  • Reformer Inspired Full Body with Lexie

    Take on this reformer-inspired full body Pilates flow. The same burn, the same moves, but no reformer needed!

  • Reformer Inspired Lower Body with Lexie

    Lunges, lunges and more lunges! A 10 minute lower body mat Pilates series that challenges the same muscles that you work on the reformer.

  • Shake it Off Pilates with Camillo

    Shake off your day with a dynamic full body Pilates class.

  • Break and Breath with Sam

    Listen when everything starts to feel a little noisy and you just need some zen in your life. Take a moment to be with your breath.

  • Mindful Meditation with Sam

    Ground yourself and set your intentions for a productive day ahead with this mindful meditation.