Let’s start 2023 the right way – with some mindful movement. Get ready to move your body for 15-minutes per day, for 15 days as we introduce the 15x15 Challenge! We’ve hand-picked our best 15-minute classes across Pilates, yoga, strength, cardio, mindfulness and recovery, and from 1st – 15th January, we’ll deliver a fresh class straight to your inbox, every day. Led by our world-class instructors, we’ll move together, setting us up for a strong and successful new year.

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  • DAY 1 - Double Shot Morning Flow with Luisa

    Move with the breath to open up your day. You're going to LOVE this 15 minute yoga class. Start the day right with this breath to movement sequence and feel refreshed and revitalised afterwards.

  • DAY 2 - Booty Band Core and Glutes with Cheyenne and Amy

    A resistance based flow targeting the lower body and core to strengthen, tone and build an epic burn through the glutes and core.

  • DAY 3 - Tabata 15 with Carnie

    Sweat dripping and heart thumping - this cardio based Tabata workout aims to get the biggest bang for your buck! Each intense period of exercise will follow be followed by some rest. Enjoy!

  • DAY 4 - Upper Body and Abs with Lexie

    If you'd like to build functional strength, this is the class for you! A bit of a slower pace but don’t let that fool you. You’ll be challenged with intention in this intelligent muscle sculpting workout. Utilising dumbbells to maximise muscle engagement targeting the upper body and abdominals.

  • DAY 5 - Inner Thigh Tone and Burn with Maddi

    The combination of longer movement intervals and the bala ankle weights, this class zones in on the inner thighs, to build burn and endurance through the lower half of the body. Move from standing to lying to keep the heart rate high in this short but strong class.

  • DAY 6 - Stabilising Pilates with Elena

    Move, strengthen, lengthen and tone with this perfect combination of Pilates exercises. A strong focus on the glutes and arms will ensure you'll feel that extra oomph in this class.

  • DAY 7 - Wrist Free Flow with Romy

    Sore wrists? Not a problem! This leg strengthening ladder sequence will free your wrists so you can flow pain free.

  • DAY 8 - Lower Body Cardio Burn with Jill

    Short, sharp and spicy. This glute focused class with a burst of cardio is sure to get those muscles working. Jumps-jogs, lunges, dumbbell swings - this class has it all.

  • DAY 9 - Upper Body Dynamic Pilates with Maddi and Cheyenne

    Grab a light set of dumbbells as we target shoulders, triceps and core in this sequence that comes together at the end with a strong cardio peak.

  • DAY 10 - Strengthening Pilates with Jayne

    Short and sweet, for when your day has slipped away from you. GGet a full body sculpt in under 20 minutes. Expect high repetitions with light to moderate weights, to sculpt and tone from top-to-toe.

  • DAY 11- Lower Body Tone with Amy

    If you want to really feel the tone this class is for you. The optimal mix of lower body exercises to strengthen and tone. Smart sequencing be prepared to see the class fly by. Stack it as a double if you want to feel that lower body tone a tad more.

  • DAY 12 - Good Night Yoga Flow with Sarah

    Wash off the overwhelm of your day and reground yourself with this calming and gentle yoga flow. Grounding folds and light twists will help to work out lingering tension, preparing you for a perfectly peaceful night's sleep.

  • DAY 13 - 10 Minute Pilates Arm Burner with Cheyenne

    Light up the entire upper body in just 10 minutes. This fast and targeted workout burns like no-other! Can you hold on until the very end?

  • DAY 14 - Conscious Breath Meditation with Sammy

    Eliminate distraction and harness clarity with this simple 15 minute guided meditation that draws focus on the breath.

  • DAY 15 - Box and Burn Upper Focus with Roxy

    Box and Burn is a heart thumping mix of plyometric cardio, boxing and strength training. These powerful workouts will build overall power, strength and stamina so you can meet your next training session stronger than the last.