Explore All Yoga Classes

Explore All Yoga Classes

In yoga, we move to feel. To feel the flow and to feel connected to something deeper than aesthetics. As we flow through a series of postures, using our internal rhythm or heartbeat as a guide, we’ll focus on our breath, mindfulness and our deep connection to each posture. Namaste 🙏🏽

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Explore All Yoga Classes
  • Warm Slow Flow with Luisa and Fiona

    Whether you’re new to yoga and need a friendly-yet-challenging place to practice, or you’re a lifelong yogi who feels like moving a little more mindfully – this class is for you. Warm Slow Flow Yoga allows you to move slowly and intentionally through intelligent sequences, working towards a peak ...

  • Get to Know Yoga Poses with Luisa & Fiona

    If you're new to yoga or just want some tips and tricks to get the most out of your practice, this is for you. A short workshop-style class, this is a guide to some common yoga shapes and how to make them feel safe and supportive in your body.

  • Yin Yoga with Luisa & Fiona

    Yin Yoga will reset both the body and the mind through a series of slower-paced, supported yin yoga postures, and easy-to-interpret mindfulness and meditation techniques.

  • Hot Yoga Flow with Luisa & Fiona

    Postures in this Vinyasa based practice are linked to a consistent and mindful breath, moving you towards a strong and satisfying series of intermediate peak poses. While challenging your functional strength and improving your flexibility, every class will also give you the opportunity to ‘free f...

  • Evening Slow Flow with Sam

    Time to slow down and reground at the end of your day. A juicy slow flow that everyone can practice - equal parts sizzle and chill.

  • Advanced Yoga Flow with Sam

    Let that eagle fly! A Mandala flow that will open your shoulders, heart space and test your balance and lower body strength.

  • Wake Up and FLOW! with Avelyn

    Start the day the best way and flow through an invigorating class designed to wake up the mind and body.

  • Break and Breath with Sam

    Listen when everything starts to feel a little noisy and you just need some zen in your life. Take a moment to be with your breath.

  • Mindful Meditation with Sam

    Ground yourself and set your intentions for a productive day ahead with this mindful meditation.

  • Yoga for Runners with Lou

    Stretch and strengthen through your legs, open through your hips and build fire in your core to compliment your running program.

  • Express Morning Flow with Sam

    Dust off the cobwebs and shift that stagnant energy! Start the day feeling fresh and renewed with an energising morning flow to get your body moving and blood flowing. You might like to use a yoga block or two for this flow.

  • Rise & Shine Ritual with Sam

    Roll out of bed and onto the mat for this short morning ritual. You'll settle into grounding breath work, followed by some gentle movement to start your day the right way. You're welcome to use a bolster and/or block for this practice.

  • Supported Slow Flow with Sam

    Slow and fiery! Building strength and heat in your upper body and opening through your heart space. You might like to use one or two yoga blocks for this practice.

  • Slow Flow with Sarah

    When we hold poses a little longer, we build strength and resilience both inside and out. In this slow flow yoga you'll work towards a series of rewarding (and a tad challenging challenging) poses!

  • Yogi Strong - Back Body Strength with Tarryn

    If you’d like to advance your physical yoga practice, this challenging strength based flow is for you! Quickly enhance your existing skills through functional and creative movements designed to specifically develop your back body strength.

  • DAY 1 - Double Shot Morning Flow with Luisa

    Move with the breath to open up your day. You're going to LOVE this 15 minute yoga class. Start the day right with this breath to movement sequence and feel refreshed and revitalised afterwards.

  • Slow Yoga Flow with Sarah

    Sleep-in, and start your day slowly with this smooth and fluid yoga flow. This grounded and energising 30 minute Vinyasa flow, will wake you up kindly and leave you feeling mentally refreshed - so you'll be prepared to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

  • Vinyasa Flow Level 3 with Sarah

    Take your practice to the next level with this advanced level 3 Vinyasa practice. Linking breath to movement Sarah will expertly guide you through a creative blend of traditional and modern poses linked with fun transitions, progressively building heat and moving towards new and challenging peak...

  • Beginners Slow Flow

    When we hold poses a little longer, we build strength and resilience both inside and out. In this slow flow yoga you'll work towards a series of rewarding series of poses!

  • Wring Out Your Day Yoga Flow with Sarah

    Wring it out with this twisty sequence! Lengthen through the hamstrings, open through the chest and elongate your spine with this revitalising Vinyasa flow.

  • Reset Yin Yoga with Luisa

    Transform tension into calm with this slow-paced, restorative class. Yin Yoga will reset both the body and the mind through a supported series of yin yoga postures, and easy-to-interpret mindfulness and meditation techniques. This class targets both the facial tissue and energetic system and, lea...

  • Restful Sleep: Flow, Stretch and Breathe with Sarah

    Flow, Stretch and Breathe. Rinse out the overwhelm of your day and reground yourself with this calming and gentle yin yoga flow. Grounding folds and light twists will help to work out lingering tension, preparing you for a deep and restful night's sleep.

  • Reset Your Spine Yin Yoga with Sarah

    The spine is our body's highway of communication and main structural column. The spine is healthiest when we move it in all directions- something we don't often do in our modern day lives. In this yin class, Sarah guides you through a series of folds, bends and twists - allowing for a complete sp...

  • True Beginners Vinyasa Flow with Luisa

    This foundational Vinyasa class has been created specifically for those just beginning their yoga journey. Move and breath through classic yoga shapes while focusing on building your practice from the ground up.