Upper and Lower Body Reformer Pilates

Upper and Lower Body Reformer Pilates

Move through a circuit of resistance-based exercises to strengthen, define and tone the most requested target areas through the upper and lower body, while improving your cardio fitness. A fast-paced, multi-intensity class that will work both the body and the mind.

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Upper and Lower Body Reformer Pilates
  • Back, Lats and Tri with Cheyenne

    Build strength through the back line of your body with this targeted supersetting strength class, engaging through the Back, Lats and Triceps.

  • Pilates Arm Work with Cheyenne

    Lengthen and tone your upper body whilst engaging through the core with this dynamic pilates flow. Add some Bala Bangles to really build a burn!

  • Lower Burn Reformer with Georgie

    It’s all in the name. With a primary focus on the lower half of the body, this class will bring you a total body strength workout that you’re sure to feel the next day. It uses the power of the reformer springs to stretch, lengthen, tone and sculpt the glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads. We can...

  • Upper Body Focused Reformer with Gabi

    This muscle sculpting workout will challenge you just the right amount! Using the resistence of the reformer, we'll focus on upper body muscle engagement. Say hello to your bis, tris, chest, and back!

  • Lower Body Strength Reformer with Lexie

    Sometimes, a lower body strength workout is exactly what we need. Am I right?! Feel the strength build throughout this lower body class, which is designed to tone and work on your deep strength. Test your cardio as the moves build and become faster throughout the class.

  • Lower Body Focused Reformer with Gabi and Susie

    Using the resistence of the reformer, this class will focus on engaging and sculpting those upper body muscles. It will challenge you, but it will not disappoint!