Full Body Pilates

Full Body Pilates

These classes will leave no muscle untouched! Focusing on all over strength and stability, your entire body will be challenged, allowing you to meet your next movement session stronger than the last.

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Full Body Pilates
  • Strong Full Body with Sara

    A strong full body session, with a focus on firing up all muscles from top to toe. Expect to lengthen and strengthen the full body using just dumbbells.

  • Hot Mat Pilates with Carnie

    Grab your resistance band and some light dumbbells for a signature Hot Mat Pilates class. A 45 minute workout, combining traditional Pilates principles with low impact cardio.

  • Weighted Pilates with Elena

    This full body workout will tone, lengthen and strengthen. Listen to your body by dialling this class up or down, as we add layers onto each exercise and work towards gradually increasing the intensity and heart rate.

  • Squishy Ball Pilates with Elena

    Work long and strong through your whole body, adding in the squishy ball to get into those little muscles you never knew existed! Focus on balance, control and work strong through your arms, glutes and core.

  • Pilates Ring Workout with Lou

    Squeeze, pulse and feel the burn; using your Pilates ring to stretch, lengthen and strengthen throughout the body.

  • Weighted Ball Pilates with Lou

    Looks can be deceiving. This little weighted ball will bring the heat, challenging your body from head to toe.

  • TheraBand Pilates with Carnie

    In this full body workout, you'll use a TheraBand to strengthen and tone your muscles, with a strong focus on the upper body and core.

  • Full Body Mat Pilates with Alli

    Lengthen and tone your body from head to toe with this controlled, dynamic flow. Focusing on your upper, lower, core and stability with a fiery finish leaving you feeling energised. All you need is a light set of dumbbells, a mat and your self.

  • Full Body Mat Pilates with Lauren

    With just a single dumbbell, we'll work through one side of the body at a time, with peaks of cardio to get the heart pumping leaving you feeling energised and ready to take on your day!

  • Full Body Pilates with Belle

    This is a full body burn using light dumbbells, strengthening and lengthening from head to toe. This class seamlessly flows between core, lower body and upper body, finishing off strong with cardio to elevate the heart rate. Let's go!

  • Full Body Tone with Becky

    This Pilates-inspired class focuses on a seamless mixture of toning and shaping exercises. This class is low impact, targeting your stabilising muscles. Get ready to create that whole body burn, while also having a whole lot of fun together. Grab some dumbbells for this class.

  • Wall Pilates with Carnie

    Wall Pilates is all about slow and controlled movements using a wall to support and challenge you. You have the added benefit of stability as you strengthen and tone your muscles working against resistance and gravity.

  • Full Body Burn with Rach

    Tone, sculpt and embrace the burn throughout your whole body with this Pilates flow. No equipment needed.

  • Low Impact Pilates with Lauren

    We will stay on the mat throughout this 20 minute class. Focusing on lengthening and strengthening through our major muscle groups including upper body, lower body and core. No equipment needed! You can do it in front of the TV, so grab a mat and enjoy the burn!

  • Low Impact Pilates with Belle

    Low impact pilates is made for you on your recovery days. This class is still strong with focus on balance, control and flow. We will slow everything down and find some spicy static holds. After this 20-minute class you will leave feeling strengthened and lengthened.

  • Low Impact Pilates with Elena

    This is the perfect session to complete on your recovery days. We will focus on flowing and moving your body, leaving you feeling strong and restored. You don't need any props - just yourself and your mat!

  • Low Impact Pilates with Alli

    A controlled full body dynamic flow, where we work from head to toe, focusing on lengthening and strengthening with an added stability challenge.

  • Low Impact Pilates with Lou

    Looking for balance in your routine? Need a break from high impact, high energy workouts, but still want to move? Give this short, low impact Pilates sesh a go.

  • Desk Side Destroyer with Carnie

    You'll use the edge of your desk for this barre-inspired 20-minute burner.

  • Right Side of the Bed with Camilo

    Roll out of bed and onto the mat to wake up on the right side of the bed. Juicy stretches and Pilates exercises to get your body moving and blood flowing.

  • Hot Mat Pilates with Lou

    Lengthen, strengthen and tone throughout your whole body with this classic Hot Mat Pilates class. You'll just need a weighted ball or a light dumbbell to feel the burn.

  • Full Body Burn with Lauren

    Let's superset. In this class we work through strong 45 second exercises targeting the core, upper body and lower body.

  • Total Body Tone with Alli

    Lengthen and tone your body from head to toe with this controlled dynamic flow. Focusing on your upper body, lower body and your core, this fiery class will leave you feeling energised.

  • Reformer Inspired Full Body with Lexie

    Take on this reformer-inspired full body Pilates flow. The same burn, the same moves, but no reformer needed!