Full Body Pilates

Full Body Pilates

These classes will leave no muscle untouched! Focusing on all over strength and stability, your entire body will be challenged, allowing you to meet your next movement session stronger than the last.

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Full Body Pilates
  • Low Impact Pilates with Elena

    This is the perfect session to complete on your recovery days. We will focus on flowing and moving your body, leaving you feeling strong and restored. You don't need any props - just yourself and your mat!

  • Low Impact Pilates with Alli

    A controlled full body dynamic flow, where we work from head to toe, focusing on lengthening and strengthening with an added stability challenge.

  • Low Impact Pilates with Lou

    Looking for balance in your routine? Need a break from high impact, high energy workouts, but still want to move? Give this short, low impact Pilates sesh a go.

  • Desk Side Destroyer with Carnie

    You'll use the edge of your desk for this barre-inspired 20-minute burner.

  • Right Side of the Bed with Camillo

    Roll out of bed and onto the mat to wake up on the right side of the bed. Juicy stretches and Pilates exercises to get your body moving and blood flowing.

  • Total Body Tone with Alli

    Lengthen and tone your body from head to toe with this controlled dynamic flow. Focusing on your upper body, lower body and your core, this fiery class will leave you feeling energised.

  • Reformer Inspired Full Body with Lexie

    Take on this reformer-inspired full body Pilates flow. The same burn, the same moves, but no reformer needed!

  • Feel Good Full Body Pilates with Rach

    A strong, fun, all-in-one curated Pilates flow designed to lengthen and strengthen your entire body whilst focusing on how your body feels, leaving you feeling gooood!

  • Full Body Pilates Ladder with Belle

    Strengthen and lengthen from head to toe. Get sweaty, feel a burn and most importantly have fun with a full body pilates class!

  • Energy Boosting Pilates with Erin

    Recharge your energy as you move and pulse through this upbeat Pilates workout.

  • Pilates Barre Burn with Carnie

    Say hello to endorphins and energy with this barre-inspired Pilates burn. You might like to use sliders and a tea towel, depending on the surface beneath you.

  • Chair Challenge with Carnie

    Get up and out of your seat because you'll need your chair for this barre-inspired challenge.

  • Crunch Time with Carnie

    It's crunch time! A quick core burner to leave you feeling strong and in control.

  • Pilates for Runners with Lou

    A Pilates workout focused on strength, balance and alignment to compliment your running training program.

  • Dynamic Full Body with Elena

    Raise your heart rate and feel the burn with this strong, fun class, challenging your full body. We'll use Bala Bangles and a resistance band, layering each exercise with options to advance and modify along the way, targeting your muscles to tone, lengthen and strengthen.

  • Hot Mat Pilates with Carnie

    Our favourite classes Hot Mat Pilates class - full body focus with that sculpt and burn we love to feel. Using a weighted ball or one dumbbell for that extra spice.

  • Pilates Strength with Maddi

    Using a medium or heavy set of dumbbells and optional Bala Bangles to add an extra layer of spice, you'll build strength and heat through Pilates exercises, targeting your total body. You can find the playlist for this class on Spotify here, or add your own tunes! https://spoti.fi/4416UKf

  • Full Body Pilates Matwork with Jill

    It's just you and your mat! Work your body from top to toe with this full body Pilates matwork class. Lengthening, strengthening and toning your muscles is the name of the game.

  • Full Body Burn with Elena

    Dial up the heat with this advanced full body burner. Feeling like some extra spice today? This is the class if for you! We will work with a resistance band and Bala Bangles or light dumbbells, layering each exercise with options to advance and modify along the way, targeting your muscles to tone...

  • Foundational Full Body Balance with Maddi

    Grow your understanding of the fundamentals with this full body class. Get your form right with longer intervals to build familiarity and confidence in each exercise and embrace the shakes and heat that come along the way!

  • Strong Full Body Pilates with Lexie

    A full body flow featuring the squishy ball. No ball at home? No worries. This workout can easily be done without it with all the same burn.

  • Booty Band Pilates with Maddi

    Using the resistance band throughout, this class will keep you close to the mat and challenge both the lower and upper body equally, the perfect workout for when you want to work hard but aren't feeling like cardio or even standing up!

  • Dynamic Pilates with Lou

    Move through this dynamic Pilates flow, targeting your lower body and core and using your squishy ball to add that extra spice.

  • Feel Good Strength with Alli

    Flow from start to finish in this class. Full body Pilates strength with the added intensity using our much loved bala bangles. Feel strong, energised and of course a tad sweaty.