Equipment Classes

Equipment Classes

These classes focus on the use of lots of equipment and are suitable whether you’re pregnant, or recovering from pregnancy and birth. Taught by pregnancy qualified instructors, we’ve specifically curated a big variety of classes allowing you to practice throughout your entire pregnancy, as well as after.

*Please be sure to seek advice from your medical professional prior to participating in any pre or postnatal exercise.

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Equipment Classes
  • Pregnancy Swiss Ball Lower Body with Carnie

    If you love the comfort of the Swiss ball, then you'll love this class. With a special focus on strengthening your lower body and pelvic floor muscles, this high energy class will see you work hard, while moving safely and comfortably.

  • Pregnancy Swiss Ball Upper Body with Carnie

    You're going to love this class! Following our warm up, we move into some pregnancy-friendly exercises that will focus on the upper body. This class also has the bonus of helping to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Yes please! It feels so good to keep moving throughout your pregnancy, so tak...

  • Pregnancy Alignment with Carnie

    If you want to focus on your posture and alignment, you're in the right place! During every exercise, we will cue some posture tips so that when we're done, not only will you have had a ripper workout, but you'll feel more balanced and aligned.

  • Arm and Legs Pre and Postnatal Barre with Chelsea

    Your arms and legs will know they're alive when you're through with this class! This class is safe for any pre and postnatal Mums out there, who want to feel the burn in those arms and legs.

  • Swiss Ball Pregnancy Full Body with Carnie

    Say yes to this full body workout using your Swiss ball. Starting with a warm up, we then move into a series of pregnancy-safe exercises to get your whole body moving. Take the modifications offered, and be rewarded for continuing to move through your pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Swiss Ball Strength with Carnie

    If you're after a pregnancy-safe strength workout using the comfort of your Swiss ball, you're in the right class! This high-energy class is the place to focus on your fitness, your strength, and those oh-so-important pelvic floor muscles.