Find Your Focus

Find Your Focus

4 Seasons

What makes Find Your Focus unique is that the weekly classes follow an educated and balanced training split. You'll train specific body parts on separate days, allowing you to build strength and stamina, and finishing each week feeling energised, never exhausted.

Every Sunday throughout November we'll upload 6 brand new classes and a matching Focus Calendar for you to follow - consider it your weekly training schedule.

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Find Your Focus
  • Hot Mat Pilates Lower Body with Jayne

    Episode 1

    Our most popular class remixed to focus on the lower body. This is a mat-based Pilates class that starts low and slow, progressively building into a satisfyingly sweaty standing series. The unique combination of traditional Pilates postures and low-impact cardio techniques will tone and engage ev...

  • Pilates Cardio 45 with Maddi

    Episode 2

    Moving from the floor to standing, expect to lunge, rotate, pulse and shake from start to finish.

    What's steady state cardio? Simply put, a cardio workout that is a continuous, steady effort, as opposed to an interval cardio workout where you vary your energy output.

  • Strength Focus: Back, Chest and Tri's with Romy

    Episode 3

    Challenge your strength and endurance, improve your mobility, and learn proper form and strength training techniques.

    Using Romy's unique approach to training, these body part specific workouts are designed to build strength efficiently and effectively. While these classes are challenging, they’...

  • Elevate EMOM 2 with Georgie and Jayne

    Episode 4

    Improve your stamina and endurance with conditioning cardio! You'll be challenged with bodyweight and weighted exercises and little recovery throughout this fast EMOM class. Conditioning cardio days can feel like the toughest workout days, we'd argue they’re also the most rewarding.

  • Koundinyasana Pose Yoga Flow with Sarah and Romy

    Episode 5

    This feel good sequence will help you to just let go and flow! Melt away tension and come back to yourself through this intermediate level Vinyasa practice, linking breath to movement. Sarah will expertly guide you through a creative blend of traditional poses linked with modern transitions, prog...

  • Roll It Out with Maddi

    Episode 6

    This class moves at a comfortable pace to stretch out the body, unlock tightness and roll away muscle knots and tension.

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