Previous Drops: Stronger Than Yesterday 💪

Previous Drops: Stronger Than Yesterday 💪

Let's get shaky! Build strength and endurance by honing in on specific muscle groups with these challenging Pilates workouts. Core, glutes, full body. Take your pick, or work your way through all of them to feel that total body burn.

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Previous Drops: Stronger Than Yesterday 💪
  • Strong Core Pilates with Lexie

    No props needed for this 20 minute core-focused workout. Strengthen and tone your total core with a series of strong Pilates exercises.

  • Strong Full Body Pilates with Lexie

    A full body flow featuring the squishy ball. No ball at home? No worries. This workout can easily be done without it with all the same burn.

  • Strong Lower Body Burn with Lexie

    All you need is a resistance band! Strong lower body work starting on the floor and working your way up to standing to get those glutes burning.