Find focus, ground yourself, set intentions, ease nerves and find moments of zen with these bite-sized mindfulness practices.

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  • Pre-Test Destress with Avelyn

    Eliminate nerves before your exam and take the time to focus on what is in your control with this short meditation.

  • Sound Sleep with Gracie

    Having trouble sleeping? This short meditation and guided breath practice will help calm your body and mind and get you ready for bed.

  • Morning Mindfulness with Gracie

    Start your day the right way with mindful moment. Take five minutes to connect to yourself and your breath to start your day in a grounded and calm state.

  • Mindful Meditation with Sam

    Ground yourself and set your intentions for a productive study session ahead with this mindful meditation.

  • Break and Breath with Sam

    Mountains of homework? Endless deadlines? Listen when everything starts to feel a little noisy and you just need some zen in your life.