Our Favourite 6

Our Favourite 6

Discover CorePlus Connected - a fitness platform designed to give you the movement foundations, mental clarity and unwavering strength to take on life. Get access to hundreds of on-demand classes at every level across Pilates, Yoga, Strength, Cardio, Reformer and Mindfulness.

Our Favourite 6

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    Meet our fitness inspired approach to traditional Mat Pilates. Toning, flexibility, improved cardio, better posture, and more efficient movements are just some of the benefits this method has to offer.

  • Hot Mat Pilates with Jayne

    The class that brings the heat. Literally. Usually practiced in our heated mat studio, this is a mat-based Pilates class coupled with a heart thumping, cardio finisher. The unique combination of traditional Pilates postures and low-impact cardio techniques, will intelligently tone and engage ever...

  • YOGA
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    In yoga, we move to feel. To feel the flow and to feel connected to something deeper than aesthetics. As we flow through a series of postures, using our internal rhythm or heartbeat as a guide, we’ll focus on our breath, mindfulness and our deep connection to each posture. Namaste.

  • Hot Yoga Flow with Sarah, Ange and Romy

    You don’t need to be a contortionist to practice yoga with us — feel good sequencing will help you to just let go and flow. This Vinyasa based practice, will challenge your functional strength and increase your flexibility. Postures are linked to a consistent and mindful breath, moving you toward...


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    Grounded in the principles of Pilates, our mat-based strength classes are some of our most loved! Leaving you feeling sweaty and strong, we’re sure they’ll be some of your most loved too.

  • Strong Legs with Georgie

    Strength, cardio, balance and control. The four elements (as well as core), that you can expect in this class. You'll work all aspects of the lower body while engaging the core to leave you feeling strong, balanced and lil' sweaty.

    Props: 1-2 sets of dumbbells.


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    Performed on the reformer bed, which provides a greater resistance, our reformer Pilates classes will enhance your strength, awareness, balance, and flexibility. Using the tried-and-tested Pilates principles, these classes will leave you feeling strong, connected and calm. Oh and a little bit swe...

  • Lower Burn Reformer with Georgie

    It’s all in the name. With a primary focus on the lower half of the body, this class will bring you a total body strength workout that you’re sure to feel the next day. It uses the power of the reformer springs to stretch, lengthen, tone and sculpt the glutes, hamstrings, calves and quads. We can...


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    When we work hard and recover harder, our body loves us for it! These classes will leave you feeling nourished and balanced in the body and the mind.

  • Alert Mind Meditation with Sammy

    Eliminate distraction and harness clarity with this simple 9 minute guided meditation. This class is a simple and effective way to bring focus and energy into your day.


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    These total body workouts are suitable whether you’re pregnant, or recovering from pregnancy and birth. Taught by pregnancy qualified instructors, we’ve specifically curated a big variety of classes allowing you to practice throughout your entire pregnancy, as well as after. During class, we’ll k...

  • Gentle Prenatal Mat Pilates with Andrea

    Move through a series of modified postures paired with softening stretches to release tension. This gentle prenatal practice will build strength and confidence as you prepare for labor.