2020 Holiday Hustle

2020 Holiday Hustle

7 Episodes

The #HolidayHustle is our first 7 day fitness challenge intentionally designed to keep you inspired, motivated and moving between Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

We've remixed your favourite classes from 2020 into 30 minute sessions, so no matter how busy (or lazy) your holidays are - you can keep moving, wherever you are!

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2020 Holiday Hustle
  • Cardio Core *Remix* with Carnie

    Episode 1

    In just 30 minutes you'll fire up your core and elevate your heart-rate with this super sweaty power pilates workout.

  • Sunrise Yoga Flow with Ange

    Episode 2

    Start your day on the right foot with this grounded and energising 30 minute Vinyasa flow. This class will wake you up and leave you feeling mentally refreshed - so you'll be prepared to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

  • Glutes on Fire *Remix* with Carnie

    Episode 3

    Target everything (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus) in this class! Working through parallel and external rotation you’ll fire up every angle of your glutes. Warning: you’ll be gripping the handrail to make it up the stairs the next day!

  • Reformer Inspired Pilates Athletic *Remix* with Emily

    Episode 4

    This mat Pilates class class has been inspired by our signature reformer class- Athletic Reformer. Working through a strong arm, leg and core sequence, this class will leave you feeling like you’ve worked every muscle.

  • Sculpt and Burn *Remix* with Carnie

    Episode 5

    A little bit Pilates and a little bit Barre, this fun and challenging class is a full body sculpting workout. With Carnie's expert cues and creative sequencing, this dynamic workout will leave energised and shaking (in the best kind of way) from head to toe.

  • Intermediate Pilates Matwork with Emily

    Episode 6

    Working through a series of low impact intermediate level Pilates postures, you’ll lengthen, strengthen and activate from the centre out.

  • Sunset Yoga Flow with Ange

    Episode 7

    Wash off the overwhelm of your day, month and year with this inspired yoga flow.